Can't Stop Loving You



Can’t Stop Loving You
So you leavin’ in the mornin’ on the early train.
Well I could say everything’s all rightand I could pretend and say goodbye
Got your ticketgot your suitcasegot your leaving smile
Oh I could say that’s the way it goesand I could pretend you won’t knowThat I was lying…
Chorus:Cuz I can’t stop loving youNo I can’t stop loving youNo I won’t stop loving youWhy should I?
We Took a taxito the stationnot a word was saidand I saw you walk across the roadfor maybe the last time, I don’t know
Feeling humbleheard a rumble on the railway trackand when I hear the whistle blowI’ll walk away and you won’t knowthat I’ll be crying…


Even try,I’ll always be here by your side.Why, why, why?I never wanted to say goodbye,Why even try?I’m always here, if you change,change your mind.
So you’re leavin’in the mornin’on the early train
Well, I could say everything’s alrightand I could pretend and say goodbyeBut that would be lying…
Chorus 2x
Why should I?Why should I?Why should I, even try?
ChorusWhy should I?Why should I?Dunno whyWhy should I?Why should I, even try?